Photo Gallery

Grade 6 Field Trip - Gull Lake Center

It was a fantastic day to celebrate our grade 6 students who will soon be leaving PES and making their way to Penhold Crossing Secondary School to start the next chapter in their academic lives.

Mrs. Johnson organized a wonderful day where the students were able to hang out, play games, laugh and roam outside with each other.  Thank you to the Gull Lake Center for hosting us - we had a blast!!

PES Field Day

On June 10th, PES students enjoyed the beautiful weather while partaking in outdoor track and field activities.  We had games that were track and field events, fun games as well as Indigenous games. 

We were so thankful for having over 20 parent volunteers join us on this day to help run all of our events.  With such a big day and so many things going on, we could not have made it possible without these volunteers.  

Thank you to Mrs. Matthie and Mrs. Hannett for organizing this amazing day for us.  

Huge thank you to Seamus Willox for taking all of these wonderful pictures for us on this day - we are so thankful for all of these photos and for your willingness to climb up onto our roof to get pictures of our whole school!

Grade 4 students take in Alberta Hockey Prospects Cup

Nothing better, especially in the middle of NHL play off season, than to take in some great hockey.  Thank you to Hockey Alberta for sending our Grade 4 students to Gary W. Harris to take in a game from The Prospects Cup tournament.  As an added addition, Hockey Alberta opened up the gymnasium to have the students play some floor hockey. 

Penhold Crossing Secondary School sharing their love of music

PES students were lucky enough to have shared in the musical experience by PCSS Band program led by Mr. Thornton.  Mr. Thornton shared with our students about music instruments, what it is like to be in the band program and, the best part, the field trips that occur.  

Our students loved each song played and walked away waiting for the day when they too can be part of the PCSS Band.

Grade 4 Catapult Carnival

Grade 4's have been busy this last month learning about all things important to make their very own catapult.  On May 2, it was the day to test their catapults and see which design was able to launch a load the farthest.  Because it would not be a carnival without treats - students all enjoyed candy apples made by their teachers.  

Chalk It Up 2022

Thank you to Miss. Kiera for taking all PES students all over Penhold to decorate the streets.  May 2-6, 2022 was Canadian Mental Health week and our students, through chalking up all of the walks, learned about the importance of mental health.  

April Award Winners

At PES, we give recognition to students in our school who displayed our character trait of the month the best.  April was the trait of self control.  We looked for students who displayed self control in the classroom, gymnasium, in the halls as well as outside on the playground.  Congratulations to all of our winners!!


Pie the Principal 2022

In honour of Pi day 2022 and the developments overseas in Ukraine, PES students raised money to donate towards support kids in Ukraine at the expense of Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Baird.  Students who raised the most money were able to throw extra large pies as well as the top two classes who raised the most funds.  

Fun was surely had by all - especially Mrs. Baird who earned the most love;)

Rocks and Rings

We were so fortunate to be able to book Rocks and Rings to come to our school this year.  Rocks and Rings is where we get to bring the game of curling right into our own gymnasium.  Kids had a blast learning about this sport that is a huge part of Alberta culture.

Alien Inline

For the first time ever at PES, Alien Inline was part of our students physical education experiences.  Alien Inline is a company based out of Calgary whose goal is to teach students how to inline skate.  This incredible experiences included having a trainer come and teach all students as well as provide skates for all students to borrow while learning.  

It was pure magic watching students experience this for the first time and even better seeing our students around town after on their very own set of inline skates.  

Kindness Day

There is nothing better than having a day where everyone feels the love.  This year at PES, everyone was surprised with a special note or notes from others in the school.  Thanks to Mrs. Hammer who, very sneakily, had each of our students write notes of kindness to the adults in the building.  As well, all of PES staff members write notes of kindness for our students.  On Kindness Day, Monday February 14th, staff and students showed up to school to see these messages on lockers and in classrooms.  


Literacy Day 2022

Literacy day was a day of enjoyment throughout the whole school.  Students and staff dressed up as their favorite literary character, engaged in fun literacy day activities all day as well as all got to visit the Panter Cafe where our favourite chef made hot chocolate, fancy tea drinks, and cupcakes.  

PES School Christmas Activities

Christmas at PES is a month of fun, laughter and, of course, good food.  In December 2021, PES engaged in so many fun activities from themed days, special meals, giving back to our community in a number of ways and keeping those PES elves out of trouble.  

One of our newest, and possibly our favourite, PES Christmas traditions is to make a traditional turkey meal for all of our students at PES.  While it is all organized by Mrs. Tindall, all of our staff pull together to cook turkeys, peel potatoes and put together this delicious lunch.  

We recognize that there are many families that might not partake in a traditional meal and we love this opportunity to share this experience with our kids.  Kids spend time decorating their desks with wrapping paper and learn about sitting down to a fancy meal to share in friendship and laughter.  

PES, under the direction of Mrs. Tindall and with the help of community volunteers, was able to partner with the Mustard Seed and Penhold IGA to make 35 food hampers to be delivered to families within Penhold.  

Mrs. Matthie set up a Christmas sock tree where all socks donated were given to the Safe Harbour society in Red Deer.

We had an afternoon of milk, cookies and reading of some favourite Christmas stories from everyone at PES.  We were honoured to also have Sherry Cooper, our CESD Board Member, come and read some of her favourite stories to our kids.  

We love the Christmas season, the love that radiates from our building and, of course, sharing it with all of our kids.


Grade 6's Visit the Town of Penhold

In Grade 6 Social Studies, students learn about our democracy system at a municipal, provincial and federal level.  Mrs. Johnson arranged for our students to all visit our local Mayor's office, listen to Mayor Mike Yargeau and see what council's offices look like.