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Penhold Elementary School is a grade 4-6 school with 230 students located in the beautiful town of Penhold Alberta. We pride ourselves on having strong communication between our families and our communites to benefit the development of each of our students academically, socially, emotionally and physically.


As our motto says, Penhold Elementary School is a great place to learn.  Our amazing group of educators and support staff work diligently each day to ensure the needs of each of our students are being met whether the needs be in literacy, numeracy, social emotionally or physically.  We believe that strong communication and relationships with our students and families is the strongest factor in supporting the development of kids.  

We offer a variety of opportunities to our students whether it be inside our building by bringing in special guests or activities, or outside our building exploring our community or within Alberta.  


Principal - Mrs. Lisa Baird

Vice-Principal - Mrs. Giselle Meyer


Board Trustee - Sherry Cooper


Penhold School is a “GREAT Place to Learn!”

G = Growing Citizenship 

R = Respect and Responsibility

E = Excellence through Effort

A = Active and Healthy

T = Truthful and Trustworthy


Chinook's Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.


Chinook's Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.


Students are at the center of everything we do whether we are supporting them academically, emotionally, socially or physically.

Supply Lists

Supply Lists


For the parents of our school community, we ask you to become our partners in providing the best education to meet the needs of your child.

First, we ask you to become familiar with who we are. This website will familiarize you with our school's operation and is the first in a series of communications we will have with you. We believe that clear and consistent communication between school and home is critical to fully meeting the needs of your child. Use our communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, newsletters, notices and student agendas to keep in touch with the daily school life of your child. Most of all, we want you to contact us, or drop in for a visit, at any time you have a question or concern that we can help with.


Together, we will best meet the needs and aspirations of the students at Penhold School. For the students of our school community, we encourage you to take advantage of the academic, athletic and extra-curricular programs offered. Work hard, become involved and lean on our school staff for support, guidance and encouragement. The energetic and supportive spirit of Penhold Elementary School has been built over the years by staff, students, parents and community members. We look forward to your involvement in Penhold Elementary School's community and being a part of keeping our school A GREAT place to learn!