Panther Sports

Here at PES, we highly value students participating in team sports. 

In the 2022/2023 school, we plan on offering the following after school sports.   

  • Cross country running (Sept-Oct)
    • Coaches - Mrs. Sholdice and Mrs. Horrocks (Gr 4-6)
  • Volleyball (Late Oct - Nov)
    • Coaches - Miss. Boone (Gr 4), Miss. Lodewyk (Gr 4-6) and Mrs. Hannett (Gr 5/6)
  • Basketball (Feb - Mar)
    • Coaches - Mrs. Sholdice (Gr 4), Mrs. Horrocks (Gr 4), Need of Community Coach (Gr. 5/6)
  • Badminton (Late Mar - Apr)
    • Coaches - Mrs. Sholdice (Gr 4), Miss Boone (Gr 4), and Mr. Massey (Gr 5/6)

The ability to offer these sports depends on whether we have coaches for each team. If there is a case where a sport does not have a teacher coach, we will reach out to the community to see if a community coach is available.  

At PES, we do our best to ensure that all students are able to participate in our extra curricular sports.  Our programs are based on deepening skill level and understanding of sports.

Please watch our website, social media and school monthly newsletters for dates when these sports will begin.

2023 Panther Basketball

Starting late January to early February, the basketball season at PES will begin.  In January, students will be given paper forms to take home and complete.  There will be two different groups - one grade 4 and one for grade 5&6.  

Watch agendas messages for when these sign up forms are sent out.